Is it possible to go for a crazy goal while actually enjoying the journey? 

Join entrepreneur Alison Cardy as she aims for a billion dollars and a great life in this weekly podcast.

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Episode 92: Financial Hilarity and an Expense Breakdown

What I let slide for about six or seven months The form of courage I needed to lean on What made me chuckle when I did a financial clean-up An expense breakdown for 2018 Why I am loving looking at a terrible financial situation My year end reflections on 2018 Things I learned this past […]

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Episode 091: Following the Love Breadcrumbs

Who I’m noticing that I love The trouble I’ve been having when I think about expanding the career coaching business The place I have most control The difference I’d been feeling between having a bigger organization and being a solopreneur Learnings from working with a weight loss coach The big driver in why I created […]

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Episode 090: Reforming After Turning to Goo

The most dedicated guest on this podcast Two trips that have me excited The resource that perpetually upgrades my life that I believe in so much A gift just for listeners of this podcast!!! What it feels like to re-form after turning to goo Four questions that have been helping The idea that is super […]

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Episode 089: Giving Yourself Permission to Learn

What has me chuckling about this podcast The tight timeline I’m working on tonight The financial request I made and received All the things I LOVE about our career coaching work How I felt about being coached recently An empire state of mind Reports from the energy lady; I’m not perfect, what?! Changes to my […]

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Episode 088: Feeling Wonderful with $100 in the Bank and $30,000 in Debt

The staggering financial situation from which I entered 2019 The weird juxtaposition of feeling great and financially stressed The tremendous positive influence my coach had on me Why supportive, non-judgemental listening is so powerful My curiosity about energy Reflections from my new energy lady My helping mantra The recommendation I received aro…

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Episode 087: Feeling Shame on Vacation

How it felt to head off into vacation in the midst of things undone and unknown Vacationing in the desert Our track record around vacations The undertone of pain I felt during vacation A super uncomfortable financial first around paying my team My observation of a place I’m out of alignment Quotables “Oh my gosh, […]

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Episode 086: Gratitude for My Past Self

A revenue update! Why going for goals and missing has still been valuable How distancing myself from one business model is affecting my level of insight How I’ve been feeling about my past self Where I lost focus this year The level of tightness I’ve been feeling around money Will the cashflow in match up […]

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Episode 085: Do Your Part

Playing with mental limits… like how to mentally hold 10 to 100xing my pricing The two BIG pitches I got out into the world What has me feeling beat and proud My turkey farm story and the preparation behind it The importance of giving people scaffolding What I used to not talk about, and what […]

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Episode 084: Jibe-Ho! Maybe?

What’s coming into view about my target client My sailboat metaphor for the life experience I’ve been having The lesson from my Eeyore day Walking the balance beam of feedback The trip that I said yes to and the feeling that came with it The FB post that brightened my day What’s tricky about coaching […]

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Episode 083: Courage and Ownership

What I devoured over the weekend that wasn’t food My new purchase that I’m having a lot of fun with The three characteristics I see in current and future clients What I didn’t want to share with a colleague Why I’m so on guard against slipping My big networking error that had me hanging my […]

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About Your Host

Alison Cardy is motivated by three main drivers: to be helpful to others, to personally grow and to have fun along the way. She’s a quiet rebel who pushes limits. She dreams big and executes regularly. And she has the dual capacities of creativity and systematic thinking.

On To a Billion with Joy Alison shares the ups and downs of her entrepreneurial endeavors, including how she built, grew and even tried to break one business that ran like a machine. Spoiler: it didn’t break.

Alison is a frequent speaker at universities and alumni groups, including Harvard, MIT, Georgetown and her alma mater, The University of Maryland. She is the author of the bestseller, Career Grease: How to Get Unstuck and Pivot Your Career. Her work has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, and The Washington Post.

Her other business ventures can be found at and

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