Is it possible to go for a crazy goal while actually enjoying the journey? 

Join entrepreneur Alison Cardy as she aims for a billion dollars and a great life in this weekly podcast.

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Episode 106: And Exhale

The first two hours of my day The hook I found for my new clients The changes I’m seeing from when I started this podcast The surprise I found in a leadership training Going around in circles in an unexpected way The difference between a conscious and an unconscious morning routine My mirror habits Quotables […]

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Episode 105: Reeling from An Extreme Data Point

My interaction with extreme alignment Where my expertise actually lies Grappling with my client avatar The familiar feeling I experienced What thought process put a bounce in my step How I was able to move through a slump much more quickly Stepping into my hero brand archetype Quotables “I like to press on people’s personal […]

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Episode 104: Morning and Evening Routines

What the birds are doing My end of day check in with my “boss” An experience of a match made in heaven The meditation that made me cry The surprising number of hands I see reaching out to help The workout metaphor I’m applying to my career goal My self-judgement around coaching youth soccer The […]

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Episode 103: Money Plans

Getting to be a witness to people stepping into fuller, richer, more authentic versions of themselves What I’m noticing about my clients My counting error The importance of environment in achieving a goal The metrics I’m using to track towards my goal Contrasting struggle with ease Taking forest baths Quotables “I had tears in my […]

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Episode 102: Hi, I’m an Upholder

How I feel about tears Left alone with my upholder nature What helped me win my meetings Planning for superwoman or for a human My LinkedIn learning curve What increases your odds of getting what you want Quotables “Improve, improve, improve!” “One of the improvements that I figured out was to plan my day ahead […]

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Episode 101: A Lost and Found Goal

My experience of goal slide How my coach caught me and helped me re-center My belief posse The lead domino that makes everything else more viable The brute force effort I’m embarking on What had me feeling tense and worried at soccer practice The necessary ingredients to help kids grow in confidence The habit that […]

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Episode 100: Three Months Into the Year, What Do I Have to Show for it?

Remembering my fun, crazy, ridiculous, stupid goal with affection The resource I’m having the best time reading The distinction I’m seeing between using business for personal growth vs. for business Bragging on my clients The difference between practitioner and promoter brain Grappling with some excellent advice What I’ve been doing with the …

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Episode 099: Life is a Lot More than Work

The office change I made that felt so good The note that made me happy Who Be the Beacon is for and the results people are getting Fresh insights around my role in the marketplace A re-frame around goals and growing and enjoying the journey What’s reducing my worry and reassuring me My hunch about […]

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Episode 098: Communicate with Your Spouse

My personal win for the week A financial lie I told unintentionally The conversation I survived The seat that I was thrilled to be in My frustration with being in ideation My directional questioning and stewing Quotables “I did not make a whole slew of money.” “Nobody’s perfect.” “I behaved out of alignment with my […]

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Episode 097: Don’t Fall in the Gap!

How it feels to be playing with ideas Where my sweet spot points me direction-wise What has me feeling uneasy What appears to me to be the highest value activity The benefits of detaching from my business My interest in good bones of a business My growing standards and aspirations Facing the gap! Why I’m […]

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About Your Host

Alison Cardy is motivated by three main drivers: to be helpful to others, to personally grow and to have fun along the way. She’s a quiet rebel who pushes limits. She dreams big and executes regularly. And she has the dual capacities of creativity and systematic thinking.

On To a Billion with Joy Alison shares the ups and downs of her entrepreneurial endeavors, including how she built, grew and even tried to break one business that ran like a machine. Spoiler: it didn’t break.

Alison is a frequent speaker at universities and alumni groups, including Harvard, MIT, Georgetown and her alma mater, The University of Maryland. She is the author of the bestseller, Career Grease: How to Get Unstuck and Pivot Your Career. Her work has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, and The Washington Post.

Her other business ventures can be found at and

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