Is it possible to go for a crazy goal while actually enjoying the journey? 

Join entrepreneur Alison Cardy as she aims for a billion dollars and a great life in this weekly podcast.

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Episode 113: Hooray for Doing That!

Why I climbed a 100 foot tree Gushing feelings of happiness and joy The issue that I’m best at solving New understanding from research conversations What had me grinning A financial update What exploration really feels like The nice thing about actions Quotables “I tend to attract really wonderful clients.” “Oh, people aren’t just living …

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Episode 112: Running Out of Methods of Procrastination

My first time doing this new thing What I was trying to keep up with on vacation Grappling with breaking with traditional female roles The most important thing to think about when hosting a workshop that I have historically forgotten The big project that is staring me in my face The one thing I don’t […]

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Episode 111: Why Worry?

Last year was turmoil, what will this year be? A loving client refund experience  Maintaining well-being independent of financial metrics More clarity on my ideal client Is there something you can do about it? Quotables “Y’know, I’m just not going to worry.” “Clients are still landing.” “I’ve been around this bend a couple of times…

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Episode 110: Gently Knocking People into Their Next Highest Level of Alignment

New connections and learning Where I’m willing to do a terrible job Paying attention to the “inches” every month Why I say bring it on to discomfort Client love! The thing I do best Quotables “I’ve decided to say no to worry.” “I’m feeling uncomfortable because this is working.” “Personal development treat time.” “All of [&h…

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Episode 109: My True Motivation

The learning curve of a clear day Status jockeying feelings The hugely, powerful force in the world Is this entire podcast ill-advised? The shocking insight I came to around my $1M goal A shout-out to my number one listener! Quotables “Oh shoot is this whole podcast premise terrible?” “Ughhhh!” “Marketing always screws with my head [&hell…

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Episode 108: Winning the Week

My re-frame on a shorter work week Amazing career coaching client wins! Progress on basic bodily functions What I’m noticing from this season of stepping back that’s lasted about 18 months Wanting to want something How I’m feeling about debt still hanging around A very personal decision that’s changing the future trajectory Setting up a [&h…

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Episode 107: Asking and Giving

The way I’m priming my brain for my goals Two new habits I’m playing with around feeling connected The parallel strategy of asking and giving One thing elite athletes model Two places I’ve been gathering all the pieces The habits that have stuck over the past six months Quotables “I have these clients already and […]

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Episode 106: And Exhale

The first two hours of my day The hook I found for my new clients The changes I’m seeing from when I started this podcast The surprise I found in a leadership training Going around in circles in an unexpected way The difference between a conscious and an unconscious morning routine My mirror habits Quotables […]

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Episode 105: Reeling from An Extreme Data Point

My interaction with extreme alignment Where my expertise actually lies Grappling with my client avatar The familiar feeling I experienced What thought process put a bounce in my step How I was able to move through a slump much more quickly Stepping into my hero brand archetype Quotables “I like to press on people’s personal […]

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Episode 104: Morning and Evening Routines

What the birds are doing My end of day check in with my “boss” An experience of a match made in heaven The meditation that made me cry The surprising number of hands I see reaching out to help The workout metaphor I’m applying to my career goal My self-judgement around coaching youth soccer The […]

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About Your Host

Alison Cardy is motivated by three main drivers: to be helpful to others, to personally grow and to have fun along the way. She’s a quiet rebel who pushes limits. She dreams big and executes regularly. And she has the dual capacities of creativity and systematic thinking.

On To a Billion with Joy Alison shares the ups and downs of her entrepreneurial endeavors, including how she built, grew and even tried to break one business that ran like a machine. Spoiler: it didn’t break.

Alison is a frequent speaker at universities and alumni groups, including Harvard, MIT, Georgetown and her alma mater, The University of Maryland. She is the author of the bestseller, Career Grease: How to Get Unstuck and Pivot Your Career. Her work has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, and The Washington Post.

Her other business ventures can be found at and

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