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Fresh guests, insights, and stories are headed your way. In Season 3, the podcast shifts to our journey to heal and uplift a billion hearts. We began recording in April 2020. Super excited to share this new direction with you in a few months!

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Is it possible to go for a crazy goal while actually enjoying the journey? 

Join entrepreneur Alison Cardy, along with her colleagues, coworkers, mentors and friends as they aim to heal and uplift billions while creating great lives in this weekly podcast.

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Episode 143: Signs That Feel Like Winning

A big debate about my cat, Boots The foundational habit I’m improving My goals for the next few weeks Multiple things I’m exploring A shout out to our wonderful clients and to coach Michele An exciting financial update after 11 years in business Quotables “Who cares about all the other stuff. Am I sleeping well?” […]

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Episode 142: Stepping into More Financial Maturity

What’s been happening by Thursday in my workweeks The 180 degree financial switch taking place My switch from an exploration phase to a working phase Two ways I needed to mature My financial to-read list Common small business owner financial errors Quotables “Did I actually do anything this week?” “My stance over the past few […]

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Episode 141: Our Journey

Our new podcast intro! An update to my family A great month end to January What I’m spending a lot of time reading and learning about The two frames I see around thinking about money New questions I’m asking myself that I’m so proud of The weird habit I noticed  Quotables “It’s important from a […]

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Episode 140: A $250,000 Lesson

What I walked into and right back out off What affects our experience of life the most The lessons I learned from playing with money, relationship dynamics, independence, and client avatar Why I’m letting go of a specific monetary target A brand update that’s coming into view A new learning about money Quotables “Things are […]

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Episode 139: A Sweeter Purpose

My journey to our journey What really motivates me My typical experience as a podcast guest A sweeter purpose A takeaway on changing your mind Quotables “I also just want this to be a place of collaboration.” “I really don’t see it as a competition.” “I’m looking forward to bringing on some guests moving forward.” […]

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Episode 138: Vacations are Good and a Podcast Shift!

Re-jiggering morning and evening routines A dark chocolate habit 2019 year end numbers and tax prep Closing in on an ideal avatar Getting caught in my own marketing hook What I prefer to look at instead of money A big podcast shift! Quotables “It feels like so much more consciously creating.” “I felt really great […]

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Episode 137: Hiking, Food, Sleep, Lessons Learned

One of the best vacations we’ve had The importance of staying up-to-date with a partner What I was listening to instead of my body A reflection on 2019 and my lessons learned The downside of a bubble of positivity The new questions I’m asking myself this year Quotables “It seemed to just take the whole […]

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Episode 136: Re-calibrating for the New Year

What I did during my holiday My year end reflection process Why I’ve been reaching into the unknown Letting go of some communities I’ve been a part of Plans my husband and I made for the new year Quotables “I did some great reading.” “This past year has been a really relational year, a healing […]

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Episode 135: Plans for 2020

What made me feel impatient with my 2020 plans The jolt I’m anticipating with re-entry into action Trying to find the match between what I do best and new clients My tangible monthly financial goal What feels like settling… in a good way! Lessons I’m picking up from some phenomenal leaders Quotables “I’m interested in […]

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Episode 134: Attachment Theory and Home Decor

The research I really appreciate The new lens I’ve been learning and talking about A tree grows in my office The area that I often forget Where I’m feeling some trepidation in my 2020 planning The form of healing that can go on in all sorts of relationships Quotables “Thank heavens we have therapists in […]

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About Your Host

Alison Cardy is motivated by three main drivers: to be helpful to others, to personally grow and to have fun along the way. She’s a quiet rebel who pushes limits. She dreams big and executes regularly. And she has the dual capacities of creativity and systematic thinking.

On To a Billion with Joy Alison and her guests discuss the ups and downs of life, with a focus on how to be helpful, scaling a healing impact and their thoughts on staying happy, healthy and grounded along the way.

Alison is a frequent speaker at universities and alumni groups, including Harvard, MIT, Georgetown and her alma mater, The University of Maryland. She is the author of the bestseller, Career Grease: How to Get Unstuck and Pivot Your Career. Her work has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, and The Washington Post.

Her other business ventures can be found at and

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