Alison C.

Episode 074: So Much EXCITEMENT

The hilarious reason I was having trouble sleeping What had me crying, laughing, and shaking all at the same time The song I was listening to on repeat to get the emotional energy through What has me feeling so excited The lightning rod I’m planning on setting down A sneak peek at some upcoming events […]

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Episode 073: Pain Sets Me Free

A bunch of things I went through in pursuit of growth The three phrases I lean on to move myself forward My game plan to hit $1M in about four months What do I need in place around me to offer that level of support to others? The unfortunate return of hyperactive night-time brain The […]

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Episode 071: I Chose This Growth… Darn

New here? Catch up with a re-cap of what’s been happening How did I get here? What I think this season of discomfort is actually creating Why I’m simultaneously happily dancing full out and feeling nervous/ questioning my sanity The edge I’ve been skating What had me working over part of my vacation The big […]

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Episode 070: Tears, Awe, and a Cliffhanger!

My message (and question) to my future self Where I normally live in time Taking stock of the results of my cash flow scramble efforts The question that’s on my mind to ask my coach supports What made me cry mid-meal The revelation that is dawning and the reflection I’m finally owning A distinction between […]

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Episode 069: The Price of a Terrific Education

The day that thrilled me! Bringing Rumi in for back-up The expansive project we’re tackling that is meant to help people shine their light brighter Seeing new possibilities for our coaching team The lens I’m taking on high expenses that has me feeling happy How parallel parking is like marketing for me The two disparate […]

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Episode 068: Dealing with Grump-a-Lump

What had me hating EVERYTHING and feeling daunted How I shifted out of major grumps What does it really take to be a million dollar business owner? The article that initially completely repelled me that I went back to read The tendency I have to watch to move forward The payoff I see for enduring […]

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