Alison C.

Episode 082: A Pumpkin Shaped Cheeseball

What I’m calling myself out on My super important role for Thanksgiving My concerns about my next coaches Balancing a commitment to growth with financial responsibility Quotables “I’m kind of doing a terrible job of not working.” “I’ve had it and I’ve lost it, so I need to get back to it.” “It’s kind of […]

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Episode 079: Growing Pains

Dismissal, doubt, difficulty, discouragement, and trouble working Why an intellectual understanding isn’t quite cutting it What has never been intuitive to me The impact of a “painful” and an “ok” perspective What has me wanting to go back and hide My crazy aggressive goal… will it happen? Quotables “I’m getting a lot of data and […]

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Episode 076: The Beauty of a Break Week

How would you behave if you were at your next level? What I did with a week OFF My experience of tunnel vision and rumination What I think is absolutely necessary to weather storms The big gift my parents gave me The seduction of external metrics The thing I look for beyond success or failure […]

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Episode 074: So Much EXCITEMENT

The hilarious reason I was having trouble sleeping What had me crying, laughing, and shaking all at the same time The song I was listening to on repeat to get the emotional energy through What has me feeling so excited The lightning rod I’m planning on setting down A sneak peek at some upcoming events […]

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Episode 073: Pain Sets Me Free

A bunch of things I went through in pursuit of growth The three phrases I lean on to move myself forward My game plan to hit $1M in about four months What do I need in place around me to offer that level of support to others? The unfortunate return of hyperactive night-time brain The […]

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