Alison C.

Episode 012: Choosing Authentic Sales

My great sales realizations that are helping things click into place. Selling with authenticity and honesty. (Slimy sale free zone). The real reason knowing who your sweet spot clients are powers sales. My three steps backwards approach to sales that you really don’t want to copy, and what to do instead. Quotables: “I am doing […]

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Episode 011: Love and Money

Why my inner marketing expert got me up at 2am. Ever got what you wanted and felt terrible? Me too! My super personal thank you to someone who’s on my team, but not on my team. Discover the five key parts of business building. Why caring about the people in your life makes the biggest […]

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Episode 010: How to Move Through Fear

The rookie mistake I made in talks. One thing you need to do when being a leader when selling. Why you’re destined to fail and what to do about that. How potato chips and Oprah made me a rebel. “I decided to do the scariest thing I could think of…” That time I found Harry […]

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Episode 007: Lessons From The Big Push

Backstage pass on our recent wins. Why I needed help to step back from the goal edge. Why your business might be causing you to have a toddler tantrum. Find out why reading and engaging with marketers all the time is kinda terrible (no offense intended). The two most important questions to ask yourself when […]

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Episode 006: How to Make Life Easier

Learn how to get out of frustration using the power of your mind. The important question to ask when things don’t go as planned. Alison shares three telling stories about what can happen when you’re out of alignment with reality. Learn how to deal with your inner dictator so you can get real on what’s […]

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Episode 005: Take Full Ownership of Your Life

The painful paths I could have taken and why I didn’t take them. Learn the most seductive path to Stucksville, so you can do a detour. How a huge goal can act as a key-thinking tool for your professional and personal development. The four previously undiscovered truths that my big goal has helped me realize. […]

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