February 1, 2021

Wisdom on Staying Well from Season 3’s Beautiful Souls

This month Season 3’s Beautiful Souls share their wisdom on staying well with us.

Pod 1 Episode 37


“Even though I need to be focused on the writing, I also need the breaks. I’ll do this, and then I come back.” -Kathy Lemak

“I made a conscious decision to assume that I belonged where I was.” -Amy Steindler

“I had to make friends with resistance. Resistance was actually the guide that I was looking for.” -Tamara Arnold

Pod 2 Episode 38


“The sleep and the rest really do matter for everything.” -Pramod Raheja

“What are you most proud of? What do you want to purge? Where do you want to be most productive today? What are you grateful for?” -Helen Young-McLaughlin

“Seeing that step as fuel vs. a moral imperative. I do that to support my business and my life. Not because it makes me a good person.” -Sarah Yost

Pod 3 Episode 39


“We do a commute in the morning anyway.” -Mathieu Guerville

“Sometimes you have to give permission to end the day.” -Yolande Grill

“Leave your camera on, but turn off the view of yourself.” -Cyndy Porter

Pod 4 Episode 40


“You have to find time to start winding down.” -Kevin Roney

“What are you committing to fail at to accomplish your goal?” -Caryn Gillen

Pod 5 Episode 41


“For me it’s been music. For me music is healing.” -Chris Degnan

“My work is helping the people who crashed from go-go-going so much.” -Leah Chischilly

“10 years of change is happening pretty much in 10 months.” -Matt Mills

Pod 6 Episode 42


“If there are brakes in the car, then you can go fast.” -CK Taneja

“I really try to be mindful about taking breaks.” -Josh Henkin

“If we’re doing well, we can actually help people.” -Meredith Holley

Pod 7 Episode 43


“You have to do less to do more.” -Christine Clapp

“Resilience needs to have victories along the way.” -Hunter Moore

“You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.” -Charlie Janes

Pod 8 Episode 44


“I realized that the turnaround was the juice.” -George O’Shea

“We live in this culture of productivity and always doing.” -Beth Ridley

“It’s not necessarily that I have to turn everything off, but just focus somewhere else.” -Martin Sullivan

Pod 9 Episode 45


“It’s natural for us to sleep, to do nothing, to run, to sweat, to jump.”-Anthony Perdrix

“Being intentional is like my mantra these days.” -Glenn Block

“Remembering the importance of doing nothing.” -Chris Yoko