January 4, 2021

Wisdom on Helping from Season 3’s Beautiful Souls

This month Season 3’s Beautiful Souls share their wisdom on helping with us.

Pod 1 Episode 28


“We’re always telling the little ones how to feel and what to feel.” -Kathy Lemak

“If I’m trying to help, I’m not helping.” -Amy Steindler

“When someone’s crying or having a moment, that’s part of their growth.” -Tamara Arnold

Pod 2 Episode 29


“What’s my intention behind helping them? Do I want to solve, tell, or be there for them to help them grow?” -Helen Young-McLaughlin

“You will attract all the work that the people who have set boundaries don’t want to do.” -Beth Solomon

Pod 3 Episode 30


“You should meet as many people as you can to broaden the surface area of serendipity to happen.” -Mathieu Guerville

“You kind of get what you give.” -Pramod Raheja

Pod 4 Episode 31


“You may have to lower your façade to a great degree (to ask for help).” -Kevin Roney

“Always have a list of 10 things that you need, so that you’re able to ask for help all the time.” -Caryn Gillen

“If everyone who loves to give never receives then we have no one to give to.” -Sarah Yost

Pod 5 Episode 32


“You’re probably not going to give them the answer they need right now, but it’s still important for them to know that you’re there.” -Chris Degnan

“We forget that doctors are just people and they don’t actually know everything.” -Leah Chischilly

“Anyone who tells you that this is the way that it has to be done is wrong.” -Matt Mills

Pod 6 Episode 33


“I help people to see that the perspectives are different. Nobody is totally right or totally wrong. They are looking from a different perspective.” -CK Taneja

“If we give feedback and then ask, ‘what do you think I just said?’” -Josh Henkin

“What is actually helping? And what is pretending to be helping to get praise?” -Meredith Holley

Pod 7 Episode 34


“The people who come back to us are the best public speakers you know.” -Christine Clapp

“I thought community was for other people. OMG, I get to play with other people.” -Hunter Moore

“Believing in the person is helpful.” -Charlie Janes

Pod 8 Episode 35


“My favorite client likes to say intellectual honesty. I learned that’s the key to business.” -George O’Shea

“A lot of times you don’t appreciate how helpful you are.” -Beth Ridley

“The source a lot of times makes a difference. Where is the information coming from?” -Martin Sullivan

Pod 9 Episode 36


“If you want to give more, you have to become more.”-Anthony Perdrix

“One thing that has been really helpful is having mentors or guides who have really taken the time to understand me.” -Glenn Block

“I try to look for people who are going to disagree with me.” -Chris Yoko