October 4, 2020

Introducing Season 3’s Beautiful Souls!

Get to know Season 3’s Beautiful Souls this month!

Pod 1 Episode 1


“How you breathe in real life is how you receive energetically.” -Tamara Arnold

“Everyone is magic.” -Kathy Lemak

“I know you think you leave your crazy at home, but you don’t. You bring it right in here (to work) with you.” -Amy Steindler

Pod 2 Episode 2


“Pain is just learning at a rapid pace.” -Beth Solomon

“We’re going through a whole aerospace revolution right now.” -Pramod Raheja

“If you give people time to work on themselves, you can start to see team results.” -Helen Young-McLaughlin

Pod 3 Episode 3


“When we show up with confidence, the world reacts to us in a different way.” -Cyndy Porter

“Innovation is actually a soft skill.” -Mathieu Guerville

“It is better to be kind than to be right.” -Yolande Grill

Pod 4 Episode 4


“The way we talk about ourselves creates who we become.” -Sarah Yost

“Failure is an acceptable process by which you learn.” -Kevin Roney

“We have the job of leading first every time.” -Caryn Gillen

Pod 5 Episode 5


“Running helps people to anchor in their goals.” -Matt Mills

“Things don’t stay the same, but what stays the same is promoting understanding of other parts of the world.” -Chris Degnan

“Health is so individual; it really is different from person to person.” -Leah Chischilly

Pod 6 Episode 6


“There are so many issues in the workplace that lead people to leave their career or change jobs to protect themselves.” -Meredith Holley

“What gives purpose is loving people and helping them grow.” -CK Taneja

“What I realized fairly early on was that these people were totally unprepared to show an employer what they could bring to my organization.” -Josh Henkin

Pod 7 Episode 7


“If you’re running in the right direction, growth is easy.” -Charlie Janes

“One of the things that’s important to me is to lift up people who speak differently.” -Christine Clapp

“Who you’ve considered yourself to be may not be who you actually are.” -Hunter Moore

Pod 8 Episode 8


“There are really some basic principles of what helps to bring out the best in others.” -Beth Ridley

“I like to find people that are looking to disrupt.” -George O’Shea

“What if? What about? What is it you’re not telling me?” -Martin Sullivan

Pod 9 Episode 9


“Ultimately what we decided to do was work with orgs who have a passion or purpose beyond profit.” -Chris Yoko

“Man, maybe I don’t need all this stuff to be happy.” -Anthony Perdrix

“There’s a lot of value in understanding the customers and bringing it back to the team.” -Glenn Block