March 1, 2021

Dreams from Season 3’s Beautiful Souls

This month Season 3’s Beautiful Souls share their dreams with us.

Pod 1 Episode 46


“We do make our own world.” -Kathy Lemak

“To be able to put myself out into the world as who I really am.” -Amy Steindler

“You can’t outthink your emotions.” -Tamara Arnold

Pod 2 Episode 47


“I really enjoy helping the people around me also achieve what they’re trying to achieve.” -Pramod Raheja

“Just slowing down and allowing yourself to connect more deeply with the beauty that’s in front of us.” -Helen Young-McLaughlin

“The dream I have for myself is really the dream I have for everyone – to have the freedom and the courage to be who we are.” -Beth Solomon

Pod 3 Episode 48


“The language we had was vastly different than the language of customers. That language disconnect was the first clue.” -Mathieu Guerville

“100% of the time those difficult experiences have led them to be exceptional at what they’re doing now.” -Yolande Grill

“So many people have so much to offer that they don’t give themselves credit for.” -Cyndy Porter

Pod 4 Episode 49


“What feels like fun? What would be easy? How can we actually use what comes naturally for us.” -Caryn Gillen

“I want a business to be the solution to their problems.” -Sarah Yost

Pod 5 Episode 50


“I want to be a facilitator of some more fruitful discussions about some of the real big issues we’re facing in society.” -Chris Degnan

“If you can just reach one person, you made a difference. And it’s ok if changing that one person is yourself.” -Matt Mills

Pod 6 Episode 51


“Fear is always of the unknown. I do not fear something that I already know about.” -CK Taneja

“For the world reaching a point where people can do anything they can dream.” -Mathieu Guerville

“Mental hygiene around discrimination is like physical hygiene like washing our hands.” -Meredith Holley

Pod 7 Episode 52


“My vision for my business is to use it as a tool to promote equity.” -Christine Clapp

“One of the most important things for people is to actually feel good about themselves.” -Hunter Moore

“What we do for others has everything to do with how we feel about ourselves.” -Charlie Janes

Pod 8 Episode 53


“I think the key to life is connection. If you get connection in business, that’s wonderful… if you don’t have that connection in your personal life you can get lost.” -George O’Shea

“When we are all doing something that brings us personal joy, that taps into our unique skills, we will make ourselves happy and have a positive influence on others in the world.” -Beth Ridley

“You get one pass at this (life).” -Martin Sullivan

Pod 9 Episode 54


“We need to help each other in achieving our mission on earth, our dreams.” -Anthony Perdrix

“It starts with equity. I dream of a world where there is equity and equal access.” -Glenn Block

“Why do you do what you do?” -Chris Yoko