December 7, 2020

What’s Possible from Season 3’s Beautiful Souls

This month Season 3’s Beautiful Souls share what’s possible with us.

Pod 1 Episode 19


“It’s frustrating when someone comes and squashes your dreams, especially your parents.” -Kathy Lemak

“I didn’t realize what a prison having to know was.” -Amy Steindler

“Spirit is trying to bring you everything you want right now.” -Tamara Arnold

Pod 2 Episode 20


“It’s not about who’s right. It’s about what’s right.” -Pramod Raheja

“If we’re not intentional, it’s very easy to go back into automation.” -Helen Young-McLaughlin

“What would it feel like to just be able to speak your truth?” -Beth Solomon

Pod 3 Episode 21


“The language we had was vastly different than the language of customers. That language disconnect was the first clue.” -Mathieu Guerville

“You can be more creative when you let go of some old mindsets.” -Yolande Grill

“So many people have so much to offer that they don’t give themselves credit for.” -Cyndy Porter

Pod 4 Episode 22


“What is the mission? – first and foremost. Organizational design is actually the last part.” -Kevin Roney

“Other people’s dreams don’t make your dreams less important.” -Caryn Gillen

“If you have a tender brain, you need to work with someone who understands a tender brain.” -Sarah Yost

Pod 5 Episode 23


“What’s worth saving? What needs to change? These are not easy questions.” -Chris Degnan

“Your body’s so smart, and it will tell you when something is amiss.” -Leah Chischilly

“Running has this power to show you something about yourself that you didn’t know was there.” -Matt Mills

Pod 6 Episode 24


“What worse can happen? Let’s try. Bankruptcy is bankruptcy. When the fear of failure was not there, the opportunities started showing up.” -CK Taneja

“Get out of the laboratory.” -Josh Henkin

“We don’t see the way we’re buying into our own powerlessness at first.” -Meredith Holley

Pod 7 Episode 25


“The best public speakers are the people who are having a 1-1 conversation with everyone in the audience.” -Christine Clapp

“My work is getting to that decades old conversation.” -Hunter Moore

“When we’re feeling confident, we always do better.” -Charlie Janes

Pod 8 Episode 26


“Incredible talent can end up with poor results if they are not working in the same direction.” -George O’Shea

“Resilience is a foundational leadership competency.” -Beth Ridley

“What bigger resources are being provided that I can use?” -Martin Sullivan

Pod 9 Episode 27


“What you do every day is really what shapes you.”-Anthony Perdrix

“Marketing is guilty of saying that technology will solve everything.” -Glenn Block

“You put those beliefs out there and you start to act in alignment with them.” -Chris Yoko