November 2, 2020

Expertise from Season 3’s Beautiful Souls

This month Season 3’s Beautiful Souls share their expertise with us.

Pod 1 Episode 10


“I’m not stuck in my circumstances. I’m stuck in my thinking.” -Amy Steindler

“I am so ready universe. Bring me all the things. And yet inside we’re blocked.” -Tamara Arnold

“Writers can look like they’re daydreaming all the time.” -Kathy Lemak

Pod 2 Episode 11


“Mid-level managers are the key to profitability.” -Helen Young-McLaughlin

“People make mistakes all the time in the workplace.” -Beth Solomon

“Hey, why can’t we just use a drone?” -Pramod Raheja

Pod 3 Episode 12


“Ask the best questions of your data so you get the best results.” -Yolande Grill

“Other people judge us based on how we look – whether we like it or not.” -Cyndy Porter

“It’s healthy to have some amount of turnover and diversity.” -Mathieu Guerville

Pod 4 Episode 13


“Where are you keeping yourself comfortable in a way that’s stealing money from your business?” -Caryn Gillen

“We don’t have to have all our problems solved to be of service in the world.” -Sarah Yost

“Technology is an enabler for the business, not the business itself.” -Kevin Roney

Pod 5 Episode 14


“The endocrine system has been downplayed for a long time.” -Leah Chischilly

“It’s amazing what will happen when you start your day with a run.” -Matt Mills

“The best thing you can do is whatever assignment you have, do a great job.” -Chris Degnan

Pod 6 Episode 15


“The most under used path to get a job is networking.” -Josh Henkin

“We identify talking about the behavior as more of a problem than the problem itself.” -Meredith Holley

“I help them find opportunities in themselves and identify where they can bring value.” -CK Taneja

Pod 7 Episode 16


“I think magic happens with rapport.” -Hunter Moore

“You as the owner can’t be doing all the work and making all the decisions.” -Charlie Janes

“Every single person can be a great public speaker.” -Christine Clapp

Pod 8 Episode 17


“Innovation is an ongoing process of learning from failures.” -Martin Sullivan
“Leaders often think they are more in touch with what is going on in the company than they actually are.” -Beth Ridley
“Getting comfortable is the thing that hurts companies going to market.” -George O’Shea

Pod 9 Episode 18


“Technology is not the solution to everything.” -Glenn Block

“Define what you want to accomplish first.” -Chris Yoko

“What is it that I can do with my life?”-Anthony Perdrix