Coaching for 6 to 9 Figure Coaches

For When Everything is Amazing and Something is Wrong

You had a dream. You worked. You hoped. You grew. You cried. You built. You hit all sorts of problems. You kept going. And you did it.

You beat the odds and built a highly successful coaching business that consistently performs and earns.

Everything is objectively amazing. You have what so many aspire to achieve. You have what you wanted.

There are some days that are great.

And then there are days when you f***ing hate your business.

You’re putting a happy face on it. You’re trying to convince yourself that you should be happy.

But just between you and me, you’re not.

It doesn’t make any sense.

It’s not something you admit to anyone other than your closest friends.

There is something off in the dream you created.

Where do you even begin to figure that out?

Are you:

  • running a team-based business that is making everyone happy but you,
  • bored or disinterested in your work,
  • worried if something doesn’t change, you might just light a match and burn it all down,
  • feeling you’ve outgrown what you built,
  • guilty over being dissatisfied with your amazing life,
  • wanting to pull your hair out at the thought of your next launch, or
  • having days when you dread even logging on?

If you answered yes to two or more of these then you’ve been given gifts that are outside of the norm.

You’re a creative powerhouse, a visionary leader, a dynamo talent at execution, in the habit of moving through your fears, and extremely capable.

You dream big and you make it happen.

Most people can’t handle or understand you. Some can’t even see you.

You’re so far ahead of the curve, it’s hard to find someone who can help you.

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Coaching for 6 to 9 Figure Coaches

Instead of ignoring what you’re feeling, finding new projects to keep yourself busy, or pushing for growth that you aren’t sure you even want, take a beat to check in with yourself.

My signature ARTIST process is based on over a decade of career coaching experience and the most effective steps to help you create greater alignment and peace in your work.

Acknowledge the truth of what’s going on and how you feel about it
Re-Connect with your essence and power
Take Stock of your career to date and your lessons learned
Identify Your Needs and highest expression
Start Moving onto a path that feels like you
Transform your experience of work and life through greater alignment

Let’s get you into a that life doesn’t just look amazing; it actually feels amazing.

Once my clients find their sweet spot of alignment, they feel engaged, on track, fulfilled, and excited about their work and lives again.

Set up an initial consult here to discuss your situation and to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Caryn Gillen“I was all set to build a business I didn’t want to be running and that was the wrong fit. I had everything I needed – except I wasn’t the person for it, or it wasn’t the business for me.

I got on an initial session with Alison just to talk about what she might be able to offer and she had me laughing until I cried – the good kind of tears – about my “great plan” and the business that would never be. Within 1 month I had made a 180 shift and gotten started on my new direction –and all that happened before we even had our first session!

Sitting in your life with Alison as your exploration partner and guide is a real treat! It is entertaining, fun, and all appears sooo obvious – yet – I’d not seen in years what she uncovered in moments. Her ability to dig around in what you live as your normal day-to-day life is top notch. I haven’t met many, if any, coaches who can do what she can do.

If you think you have a good thing going, but you have an inkling that you might be meant for a great thing – just talk to her.”

-Caryn Gillen, Entrepreneur Coach for High Integrity Coaches

My Story

At the end of 2017 I was over it.

My career coaching business was working like a well-oiled machine and making a difference in the world to my clients and my team.

I’d known for awhile that something was wrong, but I kept finding projects within the context of my business to keep me going.

And then I got fed up at the end of 2017.

I wanted to throw in the towel. I wanted to be done with doing things that I didn’t want to be doing anymore. I was so bored. I was a completely different person than who I was when I started my business, but I was operating within the context of what that earlier version of myself had imagined. It was stifling. I wanted my work to evolve and go deeper. I was tired of saying the same things over and over again.

So I stopped trying to grow my business. I actively intended to shut it down.

And I embarked on the messiest four years of my professional life.

I found (and got sucked into and distracted by) plenty of resources on growing my business. But I didn’t succeed at finding help that guided me through the crossroads I was at.

I went down a lot of wrong turns. I got hurt. I got lost. I picked up on what people around me wanted and put myself on the backburner. I touched and stepped away from my truth. I kept going, and I leaned on supports, but I didn’t have anyone guiding me through the big picture of what was happening, and it cost me time, money, and confidence.

With time and iteration, I found a new level of work helping powerful, big energy coaches find even greater alignment. I also regularly write and perform stand-up comedy as a creative outlet. As I’ve stepped into these new roles and self-understanding, I feel alive again. I actually like my days and am engaged with my work. I’m growing in alignment with my natural strengths and doing the things I love.

After walking this very rocky journey and coming out the other side, I know what’s at stake. And I know it’s possible to get through it, to connect to your truth, and bring to life a dream that not only looks good, but feels good too.

By leaning on my ARTIST process, you can navigate this crossroads with more grace, confidence, and success to get out of limbo faster and with fewer bruises.

Set up an initial consult here to discuss your situation and to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

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