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What happens after the summit?

Because success can bring us to a crossroads.

Like the CEO who’d climbed long and hard for a top career ladder rung and was tired of breaking herself against a path she’d never really wanted.

Or the entreprenuer who felt trapped on a beautiful island of her own making and wanted to find the way off.

Or the published author and successful blogger who was torn between the expectations of the name she’d built for herself and her own dreams.

Or the business owner who happily had everything clicking, except she was over her niche.

Or the nationally recognized expert who had outgrown her organization and needed help letting go.

Success can become a trap that locks us into playing a part for the world while we yearn for something different inside.

Or it can be a launchpad.

If we listen to and honor that quieter voice.

Helping leaders sort through all the noise and find their next, aligned chapter is deep, beautiful work that I love. Love. LOVE!

I’m currently accepting a few 1-1 clients. Reach out to me on LinkedIn or email me at alison [at] if you’re at a success crossroads and would like to explore your next chapter together.

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A Sampling of Client Successes:

Mary Sterk“We were about to hit a big milestone and I needed to get clarity on the next level of growth – lots of potential directions were possible, and I was a little too close to things to envision potential without getting lost in the ‘how’.

Update – we are on fire! We literally hit our big goal today and had a great time as a team with big bonuses and will be popping some champagne shortly. And we are deep into transformative change as a firm. We have redefined our client segments based on profitability levels, hired a new team member who will start soon, and will be launching our Kansas City branch office early next year. BIG movement!!

I have worked with several executive coaches, and was amazed how the insight and debugging Alison was able to achieve made a massive difference in my ability to move forward. And it happened quickly – the speed of my mindset change occurred BECAUSE of the way she coached. I highly recommend Alison for all high level executives!”

-Mary Sterk, CEO of Sterk Financial Services, 2018, 2019, 2020 Forbes List of Top Women Wealth Advisors

Sumi Krishnan“Alison is a unique and rare gem in the industry of coaching. She is smart, thoughtful, truly cares about her clients and is a champion for supporting your most authentic form of growth. I recommend her if you need support as simple as a sounding board or as deep as needing to sort out decades-long issues that may be holding you back!

-Sumi Krishnan, Singer Songwriter, Activist, and Co-Founder of K4 Solutions, Inc.

Beth Solomon“In six months, Alison’s visionary coaching transformed my life, enabling me to see my true potential and have the confidence to pursue my dreams. Alison helped me push gigantic boulders that were blocking me out of the way. With patience, deep caring and exquisite skill, she turned a bright light on the path I am now walking to professional joy and spiritual fulfillment. I cannot — ever — recommend Alison highly enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Beth Solomon, Managing Director and Founder of Fired to Fabulous

Caryn GillenI was all set to build a business I didn’t want to be running and that was the wrong fit. I had everything I needed – except I wasn’t the person for it, or it wasn’t the business for me.

I got on an initial session with Alison just to talk about what she might be able to offer and she had me laughing until I cried – the good kind of tears – about my “great plan” and the business that would never be. Within 1 month I had made a 180 shift and gotten started on my new direction –and all that happened before we even had our first session! Sitting in your life with Alison as your exploration partner and guide is a real treat! It is entertaining, fun, and all appears sooo obvious – yet – I’d not seen in years what she uncovered in moments. Her ability to dig around in what you live as your normal day-to-day life is top notch. I haven’t met many, if any, coaches who can do what she can do.

If you think you have a good thing going, but you have an inkling that you might be meant for a great thing – just talk to her. You’ll know if you’re right and if she’s the right person to help you on your way. Even a conversation that leads you to not working with her would be hugely beneficial – I have no doubt.”

-Caryn Gillen, Business Coach

It seems to take me about two to three years.

Three painful, confused, anxious years from when I graduated from college with an Accounting degree to finally finding my way to a life coach training program and a professional identity that felt like an overall match.

Then two plus emotional, scary, fraught years from when I’d succeeded at building a sustainable career coaching business to finally finding my way through to a more true and loving expression of my work and life – to an overall identity that is so resonant it sings.

I’m an explorer by nature, so going first and getting lost and loop-de-looped doesn’t bother me much.

But then, from all my mistakes and missteps I figure out how to do things better. I map the terrain to guide people through it with less worry and more speed and effectiveness.

My team’s signature Career CLARITY Coaching programs help capable professionals find their career match in one to three months. (Three years of wandering is completely unnecessary!) Pop in an application if you’d like to get your career clarity moving. This is our specialty, and we’ve got a system down that works.

My 1-1 work with leaders goes deeper. It’s not so much a question of time, but of effectiveness in getting to a much fuller truth and expression. We build from past success into a life that feels amazing to live. Reach out to me on LinkedIn or email me at alison [at] if you’d like to connect to and create this for yourself. I know the way.

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