Elite Coaching for Visionary Leaders

The pursuit of excellence is an act of rebellion.

You may be experiencing:

  • the loneliness of leadership and the pain of outgrowing people,
  • a lack of support around what you can see or dream,
  • a fear that you’re going to f**k it all up,
  • a heavy weight of responsibility,
  • boredom and a craving for your next adventure,
  • uncertainty about where it’s all going,
  • worry that you don’t really know what you’re doing,
  • incredible success at the expense of your health or relationships, or
  • a sneaking suspicion that even though you’re playing one game very, very well, it’s not the game you really want to be playing.


  • a super-sized mental space to play in,
  • unconditional support,
  • freedom to do things your way,
  • belief in the possibilities you see,
  • commitment mechanisms to hold you steady as you tackle your next challenge,
  • a sparring partner who can keep up with you without a trace of intimidation, and
  • care for your human side, which can get lost in the midst of all that you’re capable of creating in the world.

Do you:

  • aspire to change the world for the better,
  • lead an organization at a $100M+ level of value creation and impact,
  • operate with high integrity,
  • do things differently than industry standards in some way, and
  • love exploring new frontiers?

Are you:

  • a visionary leader,
  • a creative powerhouse,
  • a dynamo talent at execution,
  • in the habit of moving through your fears, and
  • in possession of high capability in both right and left brain tasks?

Do you:

  • show up courageously and persistently for what you want in life,
  • have a firm priority that nobody but you decides what you can and cannot do,
  • resist conformity,
  • have a creative hobby (like art, music, dance, photography, writing, improv, fashion, design), and
  • understand that your thoughts and feelings dramatically impact your life experience and trajectory?

And could you be described as someone who:

  • loves to grow,
  • wants to live the coolest version of your life possible,
  • actively chooses new challenges (even when the status quo is already awesome),
  • cycles through completing increasingly difficult projects,
  • is rarely at a loss for new ideas,
  • regularly invests in your own development, and
  • has a history of generating 10x ROIs from those investments?

Yes? You’re a rare bird indeed.

You’ve been given gifts that are outside of the norm.

You dream big and you make it happen.

Most people can’t handle or understand you. Some can’t even see you.

You’re so far ahead of the curve, it’s hard to find someone who can lead you even higher.


Introducing the Experience of Mindset Edge Coaching with Alison Cardy

All things are created twice.
There’s a mental or first creation,
and a physical or second creation.
We are either the second creation of our own proactive design, or
we are the second creation of other people’s agendas, of circumstances, or of past habits.

– Stephen R. Covey

Most people put all their attention onto what they’re creating, never seeing the walls they’re creating within.

Most people are ruled by unchecked fear and assumptions, never seeing the path to freedom.

Most people get stuck at a certain level of prosperity and success, never seeing that more is possible.

You are not most people.

The DEBUG Process
I’m a systematic thinker, and I use a process called DEBUG to guide the overall flow of my exclusive, year-long coaching relationships.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of your world, your strengths and your potential
Embrace, acknowledge and amplify highly effective mindsets and behaviors that are already present
Bore down deep into root causes of stress, problems, struggle and doubt
Untangle first creation thought patterns to achieve increased alignment and access to more powerful creative vision
Give the world more of your gifts with greater ease, make a bigger positive impact and enjoy your life more

Pure, Creative Mindset Mentorship
No frills.
No fluff.
No pretenses.
No distraction.

Your mind.
My mind.
Working collaboratively with focus, presence, skill and compassion.
Pushing the edges of what’s possible.
Creating with force and positive intention.

That’s it.

A master doesn’t need anything else.

Benefits of Mindset Edge Coaching

  • Unconditional support as you find and undertake your next big thing
  • Pre-designated, protected time to hear yourself think each and every month
  • A comfortable safe haven where you can set down everything that you’ve been carrying
  • An organic increase in your awareness of what you’re creating in business and life
  • Heightened creative power and execution
  • Transformation into a higher level version of yourself
  • A regular experience of psychological fortification and strengthening
  • Freedom to do things completely your way



Exclusive, Intensive, Deep Coaching with a Mindset Master

One-On-One Mindset Edge Coaching Program

Only four exceptional people have the opportunity to reap the benefits of the Mindset Edge Coaching Program at a given time. I support a really unique and specific type of person. The intensive format matches your intensity and provides optimal results.

During our time together we’ll play exclusively with mindset and imagination. As a result of your investment in regularly moving mental mountains, you’ll find it easier and more fun to move mountains in the external world during the interim weeks.

When you find me, we’ll do a two-hour deep coaching intensive together to gauge fit (on-the-house) before embarking on this life-changing journey together.

Next Steps

  1. Connect with me on LinkedIn expressing your interest.
  2. If (and only if) you fit the criteria listed at the top of this page, you’ll receive access to my personal calendar to choose a convenient time for a complimentary 2-hour deep coaching intensive, so that we can both assess our fit together.
  3. If it’s a firm YES for both of us, you’ll be sent a Mindset Edge Agreement and steps to officially register and guarantee your receipt of one of four limited and exclusive Mindset Edge Coaching spots.
  4. You’ll block off your calendar with time set aside just for YOU.

Mary Sterk“We were about to hit a big milestone and I needed to get clarity on the next level of growth – lots of potential directions were possible, and I was a little too close to things to envision potential without getting lost in the ‘how’.

Update – we are on fire! We literally hit our big goal today and had a great time as a team with big bonuses and will be popping some champagne shortly. And we are deep into transformative change as a firm. We have redefined our client segments based on profitability levels, hired a new team member who will start soon, and will be launching our Kansas City branch office early next year. BIG movement!!

I have worked with several executive coaches, and was amazed how the insight and debugging Alison was able to achieve made a massive difference in my ability to move forward. And it happened quickly – the speed of my mindset change occurred BECAUSE of the way she coached. I highly recommend Alison for all high level executives!”

-Mary Sterk, CEO of Sterk Financial Services, 2018 Forbes List of Top Women Wealth Advisors


What Makes Me Different

My “Normal” is Extraordinary

I was raised by and amongst genius. I was in gifted and talented programs in the second most educated metro area in the United States from age 9 through 17. In my world being a geek or a nerd were synonyms for being cool.

One of my High School teachers personally tutored some of the best mathematical minds in the US. Another was part of the team that discovered the El Nino weather pattern.

Kids in my exact year in school grew up to be Rhodes scholars, cutting edge scientists, physics professors, mainstream authors, doctors, and Facebook executives. The program I went through has graduated three MacArthur Foundation Genius recipients.

My husband (and high school sweet heart) graduated first in his class at a top ranked computer engineering program. He went on to work as the technical lead for big law patent firms litigating for major tech companies like Toshiba, Samsung, etc.

Over 50% of my career coaching business client base has one or more advanced degrees. Since 2009, I’ve coached PhDs, lots of Harvard graduates, C-Level executives, multi-million-dollar business owners and other high capability people.

I can hold a clean and large space for really gifted people without even trying.

Because crazy talent has always been my normal.

I’ve been immersed in it my whole life. (My older brother is a technical whiz, too.)

AND, more importantly, I know there’s always a human and a heart that comes with every brain and every accomplishment.

Most people see the talent or feel awed by the accomplishment.

I only see the human.

Caring for talented humans with compassion, acceptance and humor is one of my superpowers.

Mike Roderick“When I first spoke with Alison I was immediately impressed with her ability to create comfort in the realm of uncomfortable conversations. As an entrepreneur, it often feels hard to open up about real struggles and Alison did a wonderful job of providing me with enough space to share my concerns and just the right level of questioning to get me to face some hard truths about patterns that were emerging in my business that I had been avoiding.

There are many coaches out there who will try and tell you what to do and it often leads to frustration and resentment. Alison’s style is to drop breadcrumbs to lead you to these discoveries about yourself which is far more powerful and influential. She’s the coach to go to if you’re ready to do deep work on the current operating system of your beliefs.

Reach out. Alison will help, and most importantly she’ll lead from a place of listening and ask you the questions you’ve been afraid to ask yourself.”

-Michael Roderick CEO of Small Pond Enterprises LLC

I’m a Quiet Rebel

In my youth every life choice was made for me, up through my college major, by my very loving, amazing, well-intentioned parents. I was a small, quiet, scared follower with no agency in my own life. I lived in my imagination.

Until it got too painful.

In college I began systematically questioning and breaking through the small box I was living in. I got really good at it. To this day it’s natural to me to question and break any box I find myself in.

Restriction in youth seems to catalyze a rebellious energy that carries into adulthood.

The rebel streak inside us draws one bright, yellow line: no external force will ever be allowed to control our lives again.

I protect my freedom of choice over my life’s direction with a ferocity that is at odds with my calm demeanor.

At times I’ve prioritized my right to execute personal agency in my life over my safety, my success, my family, my marriage and my financial status.

On this one idea — my life is mine — I do not give an inch.

I trust myself to know what’s best for me.

And I trust you to know what’s best for you.

As Featured In:

Sumi Krishnan“Alison is a unique and rare gem in the industry of coaching. She is smart, thoughtful, truly cares about her clients and is a champion for supporting your most authentic form of growth. I recommend her if you need support as simple as a sounding board or as deep as needing to sort out decades-long issues that may be holding you back!

-Sumi Krishnan, Co-Founder and President of K4 Solutions, Inc.


A Track Record of Coaching Success

I’ve created a ten-year track record of successfully getting smart people unstuck and into their sweet spot. My coaching experience also includes training and supervising ten coaches in how to consistently create outstanding client outcomes. I’m regularly hosted by top-tier universities to speak to their alumni and have written a bestselling book.

This is the quote that sums up what I do best.

Then stay with me, for I am not.” -Hafiz

I meet greatness on equal, human-to-human footing, and I catapult incredible people to higher alignment.

More peace. More joy. More love. More impact. Less suffering.

I was forged to be of service to talent like you and to the difference you can make in the world.

I’ve been called a non-invasive, non-triggering bazooka.

What I blow up is everything that holds you back or makes life feel hard (when it isn’t).

Schools, Alumni Groups and Professional Organizations Where I’ve Spoken:


A Note About My Podcast

If you listen to the To a Billion with Joy podcast, you’ll discover in short order that I’m not perfect.

In fact, I’m human and flawed (gasp!). I’m actively learning and growing, and I’m totally ok with it.

Recurring themes in my podcast include moving towards things that scare me, figuring out how to make things better and pushing the limits of my own mind. Sometimes that gets messy, so I ask for and receive a lot of support along the way. I do my own work and have two long-term coaches in my life, which makes a major difference in how quickly I catch onto and move through things.

My 2019 calendar is designed around my favorite things.

  • Applying my creativity and knack for systems and leverage to two other businesses: Cardy Career Coaching and Be the Beacon.
  • Stepping outside of myself and into a flow state serving the most wonderful people in my Mindset Edge Coaching Program.
  • Time off each month to tend to life outside of work and to keep my own bucket filled, so that I can consistently give to others.

Everything I do is driven by a desire to be helpful. I’ve found one of the most helpful things I can do is to lead by example.

All podcast episodes are released on a six month delay, so please don’t fret! Whatever trouble I’ve gotten myself into in any given week has likely passed already. 🙂

How I Think:

Life is a beautiful gift.
Work is just an engaging place to put my brain.
Everything has a season. Accept and love the season that you’re in.
A successful day includes a workout (or a rest day).
Reality is kinder than my imagination.
No one makes it alone. Ask for help.
Keep an eye out for the right people, and invest in relationships.
Every single person I meet knows something I don’t and has something to teach me.
Honesty always.
Effort and attention matter.
Welcome problems and accept them as gifts.
First you learn how to do. Then you learn how to not do.
Emotions pass.
Offer heaps of compassion and forgiveness.
Try again.
There’s plenty.
Look around; be present.
It’s fun to say yes, and it’s fun to say no.
We all get to do what we want.
Take care of myself before others.
Stay exclusively in my locus of control.
Run towards and through fears.
I can create anything I want.
Life is a beautiful gift.