October 29, 2017

Episode 001: Dive Into a Crazy Big Goal

  • The possibility of picking a huge goal from a totally different standpoint.
  • The real figures and facts – a behind-the-scenes look at the growth of my coaching practice.
  • How having a team helps me rise and shine, even on days I feel like staying in bed.
  • The surprising truth that not many will tell you about huge marketing projects.
  • The two keys that make it possible to stay in balance even when you’re heading towards a huge goal.
  • The question you can ask yourself right now to keep everything in perspective as you build your business.


“If I had a magic wand I’d like to know it’s all going to work and it’s going to work quickly, but…” – Ever felt like this in your business?
“Marketing and messaging is the hinge that’s going to determine my financial growth.”
“What I’m beginning to do is create a game I can win no matter what.” Learn how to create a game you can win in your business.

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