October 30, 2017

Episode 002: The Immense Power of Vulnerability

  • Ever had something in your business that sucked the wind right out of your sails (and sales)? Here’s how that happened to me.
  • The three key parts of list building you need to master (and the one I’m terrible at).
  • Why Super Alison left her cape at home this week and the truly powerful thing she did instead.
  • The gift of vulnerability – how owning up to what’s not going well (even when that’s really uncomfortable) can help you leap forward in business and life.
  • How to thoughtfully choose where to get help, so that you can feel surer of your next steps.

“We’re going to send them independently of how I feel” – Unhitching ‘shipping’ from fear.
“Mindset and emotions around sales emails really need some attention and some cleaning up.”
“It’s healthy to ask for help.”
“Everyone is going through something.”
“It’s normal to bump into things as you push yourself to grow.”
“How consciously are you building a supportive network around you?”
“It’s healthy to go towards healing old pains.”

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