November 1, 2017

Episode 004: Developing a Big Goal and an Immediate Goal

  • Find out what my immediate, really uncomfortable goal is.
  • The two worlds we all live in, and no, you’re not an extra in “Outlander!”
  • The real reason I’ve been staring in the mirror lately.
  • How getting your internal world sorted helps you create the external world you dream of.
  • Do you want to white knuckle it or achieve your big goals from a place of joy?
  • How you can use a big crazy goal as your compass.
  • I’ve found a new direction to look at when networking. Would it work for you?
  • How I noticed the hidden goal beneath my 100k in 4 months goal.

“I accept that whatever it is there’s a way I can find peace with it.”
“Finding internal peace is my sweet spot.”
“Work ethic that I actually care about, which is very different from just work ethic for work that somebody else is telling you to do.”

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