November 8, 2017

Episode 005: Take Full Ownership of Your Life

  • The painful paths I could have taken and why I didn’t take them.
  • Learn the most seductive path to Stucksville, so you can do a detour.
  • How a huge goal can act as a key-thinking tool for your professional and personal development.
  • The four previously undiscovered truths that my big goal has helped me realize.
  • What is the black box of possibility? (Clue – it does not involve magician’s rabbits, but it might be just as magical for you).
  • How the principle of full ownership in your life can help smash your limitations.
  • A very simple and hugely practical way to take more ownership in your life right now.

“Any time we set a goal, there are different paths that we can take to reach it.”
“If you’re only focused on the end goal itself…and you completely ignore the journey, you might take a path that it pretty painful.”
“The goal is not totally the goal.” Learn why.
“I’m taking 100% ownership of my time, of my actions, of my future.”
“It’s my job and my responsibility to create this thing, however I want it.”
“You have enormous personal power.”
“I really believe in the capacity of people to grow and to see more possibility for themselves.”

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