November 15, 2017

Episode 006: How to Make Life Easier

  • Learn how to get out of frustration using the power of your mind.
  • The important question to ask when things don’t go as planned.
  • Alison shares three telling stories about what can happen when you’re out of alignment with reality.
  • Learn how to deal with your inner dictator so you can get real on what’s going on.
  • “Ice Ice Baby,” – What a two-year-old with a sippy cup taught me about accepting reality. (With thanks to the musical artist, Vanilla Ice).
  • Alison reveals the key boundary that is essential in any coaching relationship.
  • Where I am failing in my marketing and sales at the moment and what I’m doing to change that.
  • Why “take it or leave it, I can really help you,” isn’t enough of a sales strategy.
  • Discover how accepting a new reality can bring you ease.

“We, as adults have these same types of mini-tantrums where we think things should be happening a particular way.”
“If we’re so attached to reality needing to be a particular way, we can just spend our time being irritated.”
“Maybe the world I am in is operating differently from the way that I think it should be.”
“People don’t buy things that are unattractive or uncompelling or don’t have enough emotional juice around it.”
“That’s not how the world should work!” Ever think this?
“Life isn’t so hard after all. I’ve been making it hard.”

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