November 22, 2017

Episode 007: Lessons From The Big Push

  • Backstage pass on our recent wins.
  • Why I needed help to step back from the goal edge.
  • Why your business might be causing you to have a toddler tantrum.
  • Find out why reading and engaging with marketers all the time is kinda terrible (no offense intended).
  • The two most important questions to ask yourself when you find yourself getting totally caught up in your work.
  • How I regained perspective on my huge goal.
  • The two key take-aways to help if you’ve become too focused on your goal.
  • Two ways of working on a problem that will actually take you forward, rather than sitting at the stop signs of life.

“There’s a place where you can get a bit too attached to a goal.”
“This is a season of my life where I’m choosing to really push myself to grow, that means I’ll have growing pains.”
“If I can pack the significance of this project in a smaller box…I can see it’s not the key to life.”
“If we are always moving forward in life and never stop to look back and appreciate, it’s a pretty bad recipe.”
“To-do lists never end, there’s always more work that we could do.”

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