November 29, 2017

Episode 008: How to Handle the Money Beliefs

  • Are you having the right kind of thoughts for your business stage?
  • Listen as I work on my most painful money belief.
  • Dealing with the dark side – what to do with beliefs that feel just plain bad.
  • What my car taught me about debt.
  • How to build a better mental house around you, so you can weather the storms.

“It just takes time to get new marketing efforts sorted, implemented, iterated, tested, all of that.”
“Many times, thoughts are just running on autopilot.”
“Let’s question those thoughts that are keeping us stuck.”
“Anchor in your mind the ideas you want to have.”
“I need to shift my mindset around debt, cash flow and money to ultimately hit the levels of financial success that I’m aiming for as an entrepreneur.”

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