December 6, 2017

Episode 009: What to Do When Things Aren’t Going the Way You Hoped

  • The real figures – number of clients we need to land. (Really?!)
  • Why I nearly walked away from work that I totally love, and what stopped me.
  • Why getting no new clients has left me feeling really good.
  • The incredible progress and peace that comes from asking for help.
  • The two questions to keep in mind when you feel as though life has face-planted you in the mud.

“Dots line up in the way that a customer needs them to.”
“There’s really an incredible difference between just reading something on your own and having somebody who already has the knowledge and so distance from what you’re doing to come in and give targeted personal insights.”
“This is the journey though, it’s growing, it’s ups and downs. I think this is life at its best.”
“There are places of growth and lots of feelings. I think that means we’re living life.”
“Journeys are not just sunshine and roses.”