December 13, 2017

Episode 010: How to Move Through Fear

  • The rookie mistake I made in talks.
  • One thing you need to do when being a leader when selling.
  • Why you’re destined to fail and what to do about that.
  • How potato chips and Oprah made me a rebel.
  • “I decided to do the scariest thing I could think of…”
  • That time I found Harry Potter’s dementors at The Smithsonian.

“I’m feeling more confident that we can hit the goal of $100 thousand dollars” (in four months).
“I really understand that having a website and a marketing process and a sales product that is functional is a fundamental piece here.”
“What we miss are all the months and years of backstory that are allowing that individual to jump into success so quickly.”
“Accept and allow imperfections into your own journey.”
“This is life and if something bad is going to happen to me, I would rather actually live my life and have that bad thing happen, than stay so tightly cocooned.”
“The world is a much kinder place than my imagination made it out to be.”

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