December 20, 2017

Episode 011: Love and Money

  • Why my inner marketing expert got me up at 2am.
  • Ever got what you wanted and felt terrible? Me too!
  • My super personal thank you to someone who’s on my team, but not on my team.
  • Discover the five key parts of business building.
  • Why caring about the people in your life makes the biggest difference in business.
  • Why the huge revenue amounts you hear online are not the whole picture.

“17 applicants, something is working!”
“I think we’re finally coming up the other side. It’s not next year, it’s this year.”
“Most small businesses fail because it’s really hard, it’s like climbing an enormous mountain.”
“It’s hard to not have a steady income and to be a partner with somebody who doesn’t have a steady income.”
“I’m in this weird world, which is the service based business world, which is different, just have to say, it is different.”
“In the service world in particular, there’s a tendency to scream out a high revenue goal and to imply…”
“The first $100,000 is not incredibly profitable.”

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