December 27, 2017

Episode 012: Choosing Authentic Sales

  • My great sales realizations that are helping things click into place.
  • Selling with authenticity and honesty. (Slimy sale free zone).
  • The real reason knowing who your sweet spot clients are powers sales.
  • My three steps backwards approach to sales that you really don’t want to copy, and what to do instead.

“I am doing something wrong here if somebody is so ready to go and then they don’t actually come through and buy.”
“If people are coming towards us saying yes and I step back or am not enthusiastic or I’m not conveying to them what we can really do for them, then I’m doing them a disservice.”
“I always try to look into my life and pay attention to what is mine and work on that.”
“There’s a particular point in someone’s life where we are perfect and outside of that I think I need to put a little bit more of a boundary.”
“Now I really at a gut level understand what we do, understand the impact and I know that this is positively impacting our sales.”

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