January 3, 2018

Episode 013: Growth Through Goals

  • What sales and broccoli have in common.
  • The question about impact that has a lot of impact.
  • The two different ways to look at a big goal and the one I’d choose every single time.
  • Are you bottlenecking in your business?

“Before I had a helper’s heart, but I didn’t have all the right pieces in place.”
“As much as I am excited about making sales, integrity is really important to me.”
“Without this goal in place right now, I would probably just keep doing what I’m doing.”
“I’m getting bottlenecked with sales calls and I can’t focus on the marketing that drives the sales calls.”
“What can I delegate, make more efficient, and where am I bottlenecking things?”
“Setting a goal and enjoying the journey is a richer way to go about things and to live.”

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