January 10, 2018

Episode 014: Control and Trust

  • What to do when your business has you heading to the muffin tin (before you have crumbs down your front).
  • My post-it note trick that gets me back on track.
  • How to journal for your own best answers.
  • “My week is a lot more full of sales calls.”
  • Why it can be a good thing when your team doesn’t know what to do.
  • Why looking under the bed of your business can stop the night frights.
  • The restorative power of taking a vacation where you stay by the pool, rather than in your inbox.

“If I kept doing things the way I did them with a lighter client volume, I would never be able to hit my revenue goal.”
“What can I offload here? What are my top priorities to hit this revenue goal? What actually leads to sales?”
“I was really craving comfort, like a lot…to feel the comfort of that little jolt of sugar.”
“What are some different things I could be doing right now?”
“Plain and simple, I’m leaving my comfort zone.”
“Once you know how to make money, which is what this goal is about, then you can just multiply what you’re doing.”
“There’s a lot of emotion and emotional management that goes into hitting the goal.”

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