January 17, 2018

Episode 015: Sales Strategy Breakthrough

  • The incredible value of taking a vacation – for the benefit of your business.
  • How a King Midas approach to problems can turn them into pure gold.
  • Why staying out of your inbox can help you have toned abs.
  • My new morning gameplan – that feels amazing!
  • The numbers – find out exactly how close I am to my $100k in four months goal.
  • I let you in on my key new learning about sales strategy.

“I look forward to issues happening as that’s an opportunity for us to learn and grow as a team.”
“Instead of looking at these things as let me get these 20 items done, I’m really looking at let me make sure I’m doing focused work during these certain blocks.”
“I’m pleased to reply that I have a lot of sales conversations on the books.”
“It would be a lot better to skip all those individual sales conversations that take a lot of time, which would slow things down.”

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