January 24, 2018

Episode 016: The Learning Curve of Webinars

  • How to stop email creep being so creepy.
  • Why having a schedule you love is so powerful.
  • Learn the truest keys to happiness.
  • Behind the scenes on my latest webinars stats and experience.
  • How I went from a huge webinar faceplant to a minor webinar faceplant and why that’s awesome.
  • Beyond the horizon of my 100k goal.
  • The beliefs that are trying to trip me up as I go for huge growth and how I reframe them.
  • The question I ask myself every night that helps me recenter.

“I want to be right here, right now, exactly where I am.”
“I’m getting better and better and I’m just gonna keep working and refining this webinar idea.”
“It takes some iterations to get everything going right.”
“I have climbed that learning curve a ton and I’m just going to keep climbing.”
“Work with focus and also with strategic thinking in terms of what’s going to have the biggest impact.”

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