February 7, 2018

Episode 018: How to Handle Failure, So It Doesn’t Floor You

  • How I headed towards a big deadline from a calm and thoughtful place.
  • Learn the biggest factor that drives success.
  • Why I’m totally cool about not hitting my immediate goal.
  • Why I love letting go of control (and how I do that).
  • The unexpected step I’m taking after missing my goal deadline.
  • Scaling in business – a ridiculously fun challenge.

“I decided to take a step back. It didn’t make sense to me to try to rush things that need some thoughtful attention.”
“There’s no need to be frantic about it.”
“Things never really work the first time, and yet I still always hope that they will.”
“Some of the funnel is off in our advertising and we need to fix that front end before we can really push the accelerator.”
“We’ve had some of our biggest months of sales as a result of having this goal.”
“It’s a whole different game and it’s a fascinating new challenge to scale and to still deliver great service and to put in the structure and people in place for this to work.”
“Nothing lasts forever, but it’s a whole lot of fun to create and build and hopefully be a positive influence in the world.”

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