March 21, 2018

Episode 024: Invest in Your Business

  • The numbers – Your backstage pass.
  • Learn a key driver for making jumps in your business.
  • My bump and recoup master plan for long-term business growth.
  • What your business and cookie monster have in common. (always hungry!)
  • Why I’m giving myself a pay rise and how I’ve calculated that.
  • How to cultivate peace of mind to get you through business bumps.
  • Why seeing money as an energy can help you sleep better.
  • I share the metrics of happiness, which have nothing to do with your business balance sheet.

“To make a jump in terms of business growth, it appears to me, that making outflows of expenditures, in ways that are actually going to pay off..are pretty necessary to make the jump.”
“You can always put more money into a business, you can always grow it faster.”
“As my mom’s business savvy friend told her ‘You can’t save your way to business growth’.”
“The importance of ‘being in a place where you can be O.K. with both the outflow of money and the inflow of money’.”
“Be so centered and secure that your self-worth and peace of mind are not dependant on your balance sheet.”
“In business, there are times when money is going out at a faster rate than it’s coming in.”
“The outflows and inflows of money are not determining who you are, they’re not determining your self-worth and they’re not determining whether you can sleep at night.”

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