April 4, 2018

Episode 026: Presence in the Midst of Progress

  • The webinar results – wow!
  • How my crazy imagination took me to a place of overwhelm.
  • How to say what you want and why it matters.
  • The immense power of telling your crazy goals to the people you trust.
  • How I bring myself to be present when everything is in progress.
  • Why having all the money in the world doesn’t mean you get to miss your workout.
  • Notice when it’s time to network at a new level.

“I think I just got dangerous.”
“What’s funny is, they’re believing me that I can hit these goals!”
“I think I can do these things, the people around me think I can do these things, huh, maybe I’ll just do them!”
“This is my reality, this is where I need to be and this is beautiful!”
“I need to be present in my life and this is really the only life I have to live.”
“No matter how much money… I’m always going to have to push myself to get out of the door, to go to the gym, to go swim, whatever.”

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