April 11, 2018

Episode 027: Scaling with Joy

  • Why I’m thinking past myself.
  • Sharing my HUGE 2018 goal and the key question I’m asking now to help myself reach it.
  • The perspective that brings me extreme gratitude.
  • How having a crazy big financial goal helps you get real in business and life.
  • The concept of value for value and why it matters to you and your team.

“Helping humans is really tricky to do…we are helping humans!”
“OK, so this is running pretty smoothly, so what’s the next goal?”
“I love planting seeds and setting things in motion that will come to fruition.”
“What can we do to set ourselves up to hit a million dollars next year?”
“It’s really all any of us have, our experience, our present moment.”
“We have all this abundant gift of life, the experience of our own moments. We are very rich in that.”
“You have to really focus on profit in a business.”

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