April 18, 2018

Episode 028: The Scale Up, Burnout Factor and what to Do about It

  • Why flirting with burnout is like flirting with the bad boy you’d be better off staying clear of.
  • The habit that’s ultimately unsustainable if you’re a helper.
  • Why pulling back hard on the reins might be the perfect thing to do when you’re driving your business forward.
  • Why sometimes you just need a two movie day (pass the popcorn).
  • The video game secret to raising your level of life.
  • Discover the surprising main area of focus for anyone planning to scale their business.
  • The super-positive, Pollyanna question you need to ask when scaling your business.
  • The empty elevator of scaling – When it’s time to uplevel your business supports.

“Work is not everything, even though it is rewarding and engaging.”
“I needed to stop the magnus of my head is totally full of work and nothing else.”
“Everything that is here is going to go away.”
“It’s unhealthy, mentally, for me to only see what’s going wrong.”

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