August 8, 2018

Episode 044: Being the End User of Your Business

  • Over the moon autosales.
  • Checking mode, you watch, you wait and then…
  • How an automated SALES process can have a surprisingly positive impact on SERVICE.
  • How automated sales clear the way for big-picture thinking.
  • The sleep red flag that can happen even when things are going brilliantly.
  • The tension between dreams and reality  (are you feeling it?)
  • OMG, my clients made AMAZING breakthroughs. What about me?
  • Seeing things through your client’s eyes and how that can take you into the danger zone.
  • Have you thought of making yourself the end user in your business?
  • Learning when NOT to jump in (and I’m a jumper ).
  • What’s real in your life?
  • Why sometimes new workout socks are the answer.


“This week has been a really big week for me.”

“One sale coming through is so much better than zero sales coming through.”

“I can see the light. In the future, my calendar is going to be a lot lighter.”

“The correct modality to use in life is really live in reality. I have found historically that when I do that life works a lot better.”

“I decided I don’t wanna dream anymore, I don’t wanna just live in my head or live in a book. I wanna live in reality.”

“I think there’s a kind of a tension between what I can mentally hold, what I can imagine, the fun of imagining big business goals and big business dreams and then just the reality of where I am and the issues I need to pay attention to and solve.”

“I just know that it’s really important to pay attention to my own life.”

“What do I need to fix or straighten up about myself?”

“I don’t have control over other people’s lives, but I do have some control, not perfect control, some control over my environment and my life.”