August 22, 2018

Episode 046: Honey, I Blew Up My Business

  • A crazy painful realization that changes everything
  • The pace of change I adopted
  • Where I went and what I found there
  • Is there such a thing as too much loyalty in a team?
  • The scorecard that helped re-center me
  • How the scales have been feeling imbalanced and what that means
  • What can be faced and what can be changed
  • My big question in the midst of this change
  • The practice that helped prepare me to be flexible
  • Why there’s a lot of work ahead and how I feel about it

“I built a freakin’ hard business.”
“I just planted my flag about 10 years ago in this particular market, set things up the best I knew at that point in time, and then I just stuck with it.”
“The value I can deliver did not match the value received.”
“I’m likely going to need to fundamentally restructure my business.”
“If I hadn’t set these big goals I might never have noticed the inherent constraints that have been built into the business model that I’ve been working within.”
“It’s hard to look at my business and see this is built in a non-optimal way.”
“I was feeling kind of lonely. I was noticing that I keep outgrowing people.”
“I am proud of myself for trying.”
“Feels like it will be a lot of work, but I love work, so bring it on.”
“It’s essential to step away.”
“Everything changes. Everything passes at some point in time.”