August 29, 2018

Episode 047: When Slowing Down Wins the Race

  • What I could do in one month that I hadn’t done in almost 10 years
  • Do we go this way? Do we go that way?
  • The exact practice that helped me re-find some peace in just a few pages
  • The most helpful frameworks for going through a transition
  • What I was trying to see by slowing down

“A lot of what I was doing was stopping.”
“So instead of moving this ball forward, I really just pulled back to allow some space and time to see what would come next.”
“Things are a lot easier to break than they are to build.”
“What’s the one action I can do that will move this thing forward?”
“Anytime we’re going through change it’s a good idea to have people who can be helpful to us in the midst of it.”
“It’s good to work and it’s also good to rest.”