September 5, 2018

Episode 048: Leadership Lessons By Fire

  • How I approach problems like an angry bull
  • My attempts to be a better leader and my doubts about how I handled things
  • The fear that came up for me around making a change
  • The most annoying thing to me about the business I built
  • The three levels of dependency and what I’m really curious about
  • The sentence that jumped off the page and into my face
  • The foundational habits that are going to pay off for me (and my sheep)
  • The story that has haunted me
  • What I noticed about every financial crunch I’ve faced in the past
  • What I mean by reaching up

“When I see an issue I don’t want to bury it, I don’t want to let it simmer and become more problematic. I want to just face it as soon as I can.”
“When I see something that scares me, that is something that I charge.”
“I’m just not really sure how to fit it into a coaching business.”
“Is it realistic or possible to build such a model? What kind of people would I need to work together in that model?”
“Ok, maybe this week isn’t going well, but I should be set up for next week, and that was reassuring to me.”
“My eye is really on jumping to the highest level market that I can reach for.”
“What do we do with this whole asset that has been built over time?”
“I think I’m someone that I can trust.”
“I was hungry and wanting to connect.”