September 12, 2018

Episode 049: A Crash Course in Letting People Down

  • My biggest, most exciting news of the week that has nothing to do with business (no, I’m not pregnant)
  • What it feels like to be pulled between the present and the future
  • How this unique blend of “shake” could actually be healthy
  • Is my team actually headed in the same direction and going at the same pace?
  • The important type of work that I can get lost in
  • The muscle I flexed and the practice it opened me up to experiencing
  • More happy news!
  • The danger of big picture thinking and what I can miss doing it

“This is my first experience leading people through a change.”
“I think that there’s a safety and a complacency that has been simultaneously been created within my team.”
“That’s something I didn’t know going into it. I didn’t realize that would happen.”
“Shaking things up helps people to see and check what’s going on.”
“It’s a tough question to ask. I feel very loyal to the people who have been with me for a long time.”
“I wanted to remind myself that I could action work; take action.”
“It made such a difference to me. I was so pleased.”
“I really believe that effort and attention matter and that effort and attention can improve things.”