September 26, 2018

Episode 050: Breezing Through Limits and Riding Financial Waves

  • Are you a “billionaire worldmaker”? Find out!
  • How one word of difference could be limiting who a helping professional sees
  • What creates the “small world” phenomenon
  • What exists everywhere, in all walks of life
  • Where to aim to have the largest positive ripple effect
  • The rich soil I’m choosing to put my stake into next
  • The amazing response I received and how being taken seriously mattered a lot
  • What it means as a leader to end something and to take people through change
  • The conversation I had that gave me so much peace
  • Why debt could be around the corner and how I feel about it


“Helping professionals seem to have a lot of limits.”

“It was a whole institution built around serving a certain kind of level of person.”

“We just see the type of person that we’re comfortable with and familiar with.”

“People have different levels of influence in the world.”

“How do I jump to that level of client?”

“I don’t know if I’m handling all of these relationships perfectly, but I feel like it’s important to participate.”

“I don’t really care if I fall on my face, however many times I need to fall on my face in front of you guys. I want to do those falls.”

“They’re all fine. Every single person.”

“My team has emotions.”

“I just knew something’s wrong. I need to change it. I need to break this to see what’s coming next.”

“One number cannot be everything and it cannot be your worth either.”