October 3, 2018

Episode 051: Not Everyone is Coming with Me

  • What’s giving me pause about this podcast
  • A take on business dreams like you’ve NEVER heard before
  • My concerns about the steps in between where I am and what I’m seeing
  • The difference between being awake and being in worker bee mode
  • The continuing saga of my erratic sleep
  • What really good businesses really are
  • How I’m stepping into an influence level beyond just a service provider
  • In which I grapple with doubts and judgments
  • A fun and simple soccer metaphor for leadership
  • What was causing my frustration, impatience, and annoyance
  • My aspiration for the next five to ten years of podcast hosting!


“I don’t want to go back to sleep.”

“It’s not a bad dream. It helps people. It makes a difference in the world. And I can make better things.”

“What I like is to be able to maintain that detachment from what I’m making.”

“Challenging myself to stay out of busyness and out of just working for the sake of working.”

“Then it’s kind of done once it’s normal.”

“I was very, very literal in the way that I set up that business.”

“I’m not sharing them yet because I’m still in play mode, still figuring it out.”

“For about ten years I stuck with one client avatar and one service… the movement that I’m seeing has a lot of different layers and avatars.”

“I am really focused on being humble at the moment.”

“I am not special. I am just one expression of a beautiful, expanding, loving, super cool world. I’m happy to be here.”

“I’ve been working so hard on finding the advanced thought for myself and trying to keep it and hold it in my mind, because it’s hard, that I don’t think I’ve been doing a good job of looking at where my team is.”

“Maybe where I’m going, not everyone can go with me.”