October 10, 2018

Episode 052: Maybe They’ll Like Me If… Oh, Wait, They Already Like Me

  • Finding my way in a “whole new world”
  • Why and how I’m aiming high for my new target client
  • The mid-event shift that I made and what happened as a result
  • The work I see that I definitely don’t want to do personally
  • The critical characteristic of a new hire on the horizon
  • Ever feel like you have something to prove? Here’s how to flip it
  • What I’ve lost and will probably lose again
  • The big driver I’ve identified that results in trouble sleeping
  • Playing Sherlock Holmes with a 60-80% drop in sales
  • The type of budgeting that I am definitely guilty of
  • Why for certain clients pricing too low is more of a problem than pricing too high


“I’m working on finding the highest level of value that I can provide as a business owner.”

“Everything’s gonna work out fine. I’m not alone. When I bump my head up against a wall I can ask for help from people.”

“It is wonderful to be able to participate in communities that are generous, that are knowledgeable, that are super smart.”

“I do have a big imagination.”

“I do notice a bit of overthinking.”

“I’m whole. I’m complete. Life is abundant and amazing.”

“Where am I really going? This is it.”

“I seem to create a reality where I don’t go into debt.”

“I’m really actually excited to find more people who love to grow as much as I do.”

“I see where I’m headed and I think it’s very worth it.”