October 17, 2018

Episode 053: This Week Flew By

  • The next step I’m taking after building a successful business
  • What do we do with clients in the meantime?
  • What I’m tired of explaining and what I’m crossing my fingers that I can find
  • The biggest quality I’m looking for in a new hire
  • A money update!
  • The most important thing to consider when giving feedback
  • The question bouncing around in my head that I don’t have the perfect answer to… yet
  • My advice for anyone navigating a transition
  • My hope for the impact and future of this podcast


“I would really like somebody to take ownership of the training business.”

“There’s a lot that goes into building a business.”

“I had fun. It was two hours, and the time flew by, so that was really telling for me.”

“What is the right challenge for me? Where do I put my attention? Who are my people?”

“How do we build things that don’t have as many inherent constraints right from the get-go?”

“We all come to things in our own time.”

“What’s the next step after that?”

“Anytime you do training you’re teaching people a structure. That structure is something that they can lean on, but it’s also something that they can get caught in.”

“What’s been helping me is that I take the next step that I see. Over and over and over again.”