October 24, 2018

Episode 054: I Have Good News and Bad News…

  • My ambitious goal to raise an industry standard
  • The next level of delegation that I’m seeing
  • The news that I am super, super, super excited to report
  • Why I’m looking forward to being in the passenger seat
  • The work I’m picking back up after about a two-year absence
  • The scary medical news I received


“There’s different levels of leverage.”

“Other people were delivering our core service.”

“Oh my goodness, ok. This is actually going to happen.”

“We’re getting leads automatically without doing any work.”

“I found out that I have a medical issue that I was born with.”

“I’ve been very fortunate to be healthy most of my life, so this is a new thing to navigate.”

“I knew I was creating my world, and I wanted to learn from people who were better at creating their worlds.”