October 31, 2018

Episode 055: A Big Deal and A Big Intention

  • A podcast milestone!
  • The mental fallout that followed an unexpected event
  • The serendipitous encounter that helped me tremendously
  • The mountain I climbed almost completely in a fog, how that impacted the journey, and what it means now that I’m at the top
  • Where most of my week went
  • The first step I’m taking in building a new business line
  • The marked decline in emails, and how I feel about it
  • What to consider when setting a super big vision


“Some of things may be too ambitious and I may never get to them. And that’s okay.”

“I’m a big, big fan of asking for help when I’m feeling scared or worried.”

“So that I can leave the field better than I found it.”

“I’m building a business from a totally different frame of mind.”

“How can I give her enough information and guidance to really succeed, while also providing freedom and autonomy?”

“That’s kind of a big deal to hand off a business.”

“I’m pretty sure that I came to those decisions because of setting a bigger intention.”