November 7, 2018

Episode 056: Tangled, Stuck, Tense, and in Pain

  • The upcoming life event that had me checking out and watching movies all week
  • My surgery intentions
  • Why I’m forgiving myself for being less responsible than usual
  • My preferred way of setting up businesses
  • A downside of having a very capable brain
  • The problem that got me thinking myself in circles
  • Why I’m questioning my “weight lifting” strength
  • A great reminder that we’re all human


“I am not behaving normally.”

“What is the stretch for me that is not going to crush me, but is actually going to be doable?”

“It’s taking more of my attention than I realized.”

“It was painful. I was up all night. I was tense. I was like a dog with a bone.”

“I couldn’t let it go. I got so hooked around wanting to know the answer.”

“I release.”

“I have a big imagination and it’s easy for me to get lost in it.”

“It was one of those weeks. We all have ‘em.”