November 28, 2018

Episode 059: Wonder at a Dream Come True

  • My goal achievement percentage over time
  • My appreciation for a dream come true
  • Should I just coast?
  • These are a few of my favorite things!
  • The challenge of holding multiple mental perspectives all at once
  • The factors that wore me out and contributed to feeling lost
  • My grocery list for the perfect coach for me
  • The two financial ideas that point in opposite directions that are in my head
  • Why I’m nervous about the “coaching alternate universe” and investing in it
  • Some unexpected benefits to getting lost


“I’m living the dream that I created almost 10 years ago.”

“Clients are coming my way without me actively doing anything.”

“Part of me wonders if I should pause for a moment and live this dream.”

“How do we replicate consistently a really high quality service or product?”

“I want to become a better person and hold myself to a higher standard.”

“It’s a beautiful day, and how do I create an even more beautiful tomorrow?”

“I was really looking for a beast coach.”

“It’s also a representation of me and who I’m trying to become.”

“There is a mechanism where the more money you put down towards something, the higher level of commitment you have.”

“We’ll see if I’ve got the guts to put my money where my mouth is.”