December 12, 2018

Episode 061: The Worry Went Away

  • How I transformed from a worrywart into something better
  • My four touchstone phrases and a bonus phrase too!
  • My go-to money-making strategy that I always think of and discard
  • How I’m planning to make about $15K in a month and a half
  • What I have lined up for next week that is going to help a bunch
  • A delightful surprise in our current clientele and what I realized I’d been missing
  • Fresh insights into the amazing people who come into my world
  • The shift into a sense of gratitude for learning and a lack of regrets
  • What my husband said that meant a lot to me


“I just thought about all the things that I’m grateful for.”

“Thank you for these problems.”

“Trying to come into reality and what was actually happening, not what was just going on in my brain.”

“I got spun around lost, fell on my butt confused in the transition.”

“I did start moving forward. I moved through the worry.”

“I’m still trying to figure out where I made assumptions and errors.”

“I’m learning a lot by doing this podcast.”

“I think using money as the only barometer was getting me confused.”

“I messed up a lot.”

“What I did is teaching me exactly what I need to know. I like that!”