December 19, 2018

Episode 062: Go Get a Coach!

  • My recent mission and what has come of it
  • What has immediately jumped as a result of being in a coaching relationship
  • What really helps to get to a next level of performance and excellence
  • Why the amount you pay for coaching really matters
  • The emotion that is perfectly normal when entering into a coaching relationship
  • What I’m most in love with at the moment


“It’s really, really interesting entering into a coaching relationship.”

“It was harder than I expected trying to get a good coach on the line with me.”

“I believe that effort and attention improve almost anything.”

“I feel like I had given up on trying to make things better.”

“Some things that I have been tolerating for a while are coming to light.”

“My coach had me crying my first session.”

“There’s just something to having another person’s brain by your side.”