December 26, 2018

Episode 063: Learning to Trust Myself Again (Makes Me Giggle)

  • The reason this podcast premise has me chuckling with glee
  • A mix of overwhelm and delight
  • My surprising answer to whether or not I needed a coach
  • The amount of money I’m spending on coaching and how I’m feeling about it
  • My hypotheses around money laws
  • My curiosity around what will be possible with new levels of support
  • The watchdog feeling I’ve been experiencing at night
  • The level of learning occurring from getting off balance and finding my way back


“I’m learning a lot in participating in these coaching relationships.”

“I don’t think I will ever in my life go coachless again.”

“This is really the first time I’ve made a big financial commitment to people.”

“My brain in terms of its goals and where I wanted to go felt isolated.”

“It’s really helpful to have a runway for a transition.”

“I’m still making a lot of mistakes even though I’ve done it before.”

“Hold on. Are you crazy?”

“It’s not super fun to get spun around and lost and be a broken record on your own podcast.”