January 2, 2019

Episode 064: Oh Hey There Unconsciously Inherited Belief Systems

  • What this podcast is really about
  • A report on the money side of things!
  • An end to my broken record description of things I’m missing
  • The pressure I’ve been putting on people around me
  • The deep, inherited, below language beliefs I’ve been bumping up against
  • The problem I had no idea I was facing
  • The understanding I gained from watching a colleague
  • Where at least 130 people previously carried me


“I am going for growth.”

“If that person did it, I can do it.”

“I would really like it if you just stayed the way you were.”

“I didn’t really think about the other people who would be impacted.”

“I’ve been feeling unsafe recently.”

“The man is the protector, and I should listen to him.”

“I can create my own rules.”

“I can lean on a lot of different people to help me thrive.”

“The next time I dive head first into a transition, maybe I’ll make a transition plan.”

“I think coaching is amazing. I’m kind of stuck on it.”

“No one makes it alone.”