January 9, 2019

Episode 065: Coping with a Short Term Cash Flow Crunch

  • The steps I’ve been taking to recenter
  • My approach to a stressful parallel parking experience
  • The three step process I’d learned to handle any scary problem
  • Can I pull in a few thousand dollars in just about three business days?
  • Where my attention is getting pulled
  • How I transformed crummy to confident
  • My bets aren’t on poker hands; they’re on something else
  • My line in the sand around financial integrity
  • What I am as clueless about as anybody else at this point in time
  • What metrics are you using to judge yourself?


“This week has been a little bit crazy and also a little bit good.”

“I know that money is coming.”

“My parallel parking skills are much improved.”

“I take full responsibility for it.”

“I do know how to market and make offers and make sales in a way that I didn’t used to know.”

“Everytime I pitch I win, and everytime I don’t pitch, I fail.”

“This is a crazy fun challenge.”

“I was putting myself in a corner because I figured if I do that then I’ll probably learn how to get out.”

“It feels like the plate tectonics of my psyche are getting lined up for a bigger place.”